Bertepatan tahun ini, eksistensi Mercedes-Benz menginjak usia 50 tahun di Indonesia. Untuk memperingati setengah abad perjalanannya, PT Daimler Commercial Vehicle Indonesia (DCVI) selaku agen pemegang merek Mercedes-Benz merilis dua varian truk terbaru dari model Actros dan Axor untuk pasar Indonesia.

PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) melengkapi lini produk kendaraan komersial Mitsubishi Fuso dengan varian MDT terbaru Fighter FN61FL HD (6x2)Super Long. Peluncuran tipe anyar MDT Mitsubishi Fuso itu dilakukan dalam ajang pameran Gaikindo Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle (GIICOMVEC) di Jakarta Convention Center pada Kamis (5/3/2020).

Tren peminatan mobil jenis SUV juga menjalar kepada pengemudi wanita di Ibu Kota. Ambil contoh selebritas sekaligus musisi, Maia Estianty, yang mengungkap ketertarikan mengendarai mobil SUV premium Mercedes Benz G-Class pada Minggu (8/3/2020).

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Oh, guys lady driven back here withanother video and today I'm going to be talking to you about the basic actually the names of the parts of a car again this is a sedan 4-door, of course, and let's just get started so starting off from basically the top and bottom for what you see here the roofs right there where my brother is that you have your windshield right here you have your windshield wipers over here you have the hood of your vehicle you have your headlights on either side you typically would have a grill right here oftentimes it does come with the make license plates down their front bumper.

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I hopeyou guys are digging a license platecustomized it myselfon the side so you have it will be thesame on the other side as well you wouldhave your tire your rims and the tirewith the wheel this is actually a pupcap okay there's a difference they'll bein a separate video and then you haveyour car doors you have this car comeswith the car key on either side of thepassenger and the driver you have yourmirrors right here okay front fender youhave your rear fender you have yourgasoline where you put your gasoline into see you have your taillights overhere obviously it's a halting red that means

you should stop up top we have our antenna some people choose to taketheirs off some cars don't even comewith one now this is the back windshieldagain some people I'm part in differentcountries name these parts differentlyso whatever you guys call it this is thetrunk and typically in the back of thetrunk you will notice that you have yourmake and then your model and you haveyour rear bumper you have your exhaustdown here some people have dual exhaustsis the exterior of the car okay so we'llstart from the back um this is a trunkand obviously this is anywhere you couldput storage my groceries stuff like thatthere's my girl you guys of course yoursteering wheel your horn keep your radiotypical um you have your air settingseither one it hot the either one a coldhow you want it how much you want it AC and then all sorts of gadgets a littleashtray okay and then the little lighterbut I don't use it of course I use thisfor my bluetooth oops sorrythis was up from the fasteners uhautomatic

You know because that's what I whip as you guys see um no this should be a manual I know that and kind of shame so please do not look at that your cup holders-you're a brake your little next compartment linebackers mirror up here your rear-view mirror my brother then you have the passenger seats you have unite and then your seatbelts, of course, your seats your mats and this one comes with the trays in the middle you also have appreciated your turning signals your headlights all that good jazz and then this one controls your windshields and a standard car, of course, this to me is a very standard car okay next we go within the hood itself shout-out to my bro for teaching me a bit more that's in the engine but let's just go with the basics over here right over here remember this is a stock vehicle but you have your windshield washer fluid you have your power steering fluid over here is the motor this one is four-cylinder 2.0 oil

And then you have your dipstick over here lets put it back okay in taking where the air goes in through intake manifolds and etc over there this is for brake fluid the ot3 or dot4 goes into this one fuse panel over here for my new ever start battery I'm sure many of you have seen it how corroded it was when I first didn't even see the car actually underneath here but I didna pay attention to it then you have your coolant over here and that's pretty much the basics of the car and so forth this is a very I like that this car is relatively all stock and that I can show you it and all that stuff because not that anything is going to happen performance-wise with this car not looking - - that's to say that um but yeah I just wanted to show you guys just the basic labels on the different parts of the car.

I will go in-depth with actually it whatever part you actually want to see me go in-depth by if you want to see a video on batteries honestly anything I will provide you that video and I will soon have a video of each function of these parts that I have names just not in-depth but if you have a specific part you want me to talk through just let me know in the comments below for those of you who are new to my channel I am is Mel and thank you for surpassing the 100 subscribers I really appreciate that and we're slowly heading to 200 subscribers not the subscriber's matter just like share comment and subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye guys

Land Rover dirumorkan tergiur untuk menggarap mobil SUV dengan ukuran lebih kecil setelah beberapa produsen lain menghadirkan crossover mungil. Menurut Media Otomotif Which Car asal Australia, Land Rover ingin memainkan pasar di segmen yang saat ini dikuasai Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class dan BMW X1 dengan memainkan desain dari Defender.

Tampaknya, tak hanya cukup mendapat penyegaran saja, Honda Civic Type R yang secara perdana diluncurkan pada tahun 2017 silam, saat ini hadir dengan membawa varian terbaru.

Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) merupakan salah satu pabrikan otomotif yang turut mempelopori pengembangan mobil listrik di Indonesia. DFSK pertama kali memperkenalkan mobil listrik di dalam negeri pada 2019 dengan mebawa Glory E3 . Kemudian memanfaatkan GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle (GIICOMVEC) 2020 memperkenalkan mobil listrik jenis Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) bernama Gelora E.