Beberapa waktu lalu, tepatnya pada awal Maret 2020, publik Indonesia sedikit dikejutkan dengan sebuah bocoran penampakan foto yang menunjukkan Toyota Agya terbaru yang sedang dalam persiapan pengiriman. Dari bocoran foto tersebut, terlihat cukup jelas bagaimana tampilan desain dari Agya ini terlihat lebih fresh dan terkesan modern.

General Motors (GM) baru saja mengumumkan rencana untuk berhenti menjual mobil Chevrolet di Thailand pada akhir 2020. Tak cuma itu, perusahaan asal Amerika Serikat itu juga berencana untuk menjual pabrik Chevrolet di Rayong, Thailand.

Belum lama ini, dikabarkan bahwa sebuah mobil yang tertutup bungkus kamuflase meruak di dunia maya. Dimana, mobil tersebut diduga kuat adalah Hyundai Kona facelift yang tertangkap bidikan kamera sedang uji jalan di daratan Benua Biru, Eropa.

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the world depends on mobility in fast-growing cities people spend more and more time in their cars zoom in a not so distant future system is extant self-driving cars will ease Mis community if the self-driving car will be coming to the roads is no longer a question the question merely is when Mercedes-Benz has been the leading car company when it comes to autonomous driving in 2013 the company completed the first-ever long-distance autonomous drive on country roads and through inner-city traffic in Germany because traffic rules roads and conditions are different in different countries the self-driving s-class is now tested on the roads of California in the US for example streets are wider traffic lights are differently positioned you have right turn on red and four-way stops all things that are different or even unknown in Germany with so many various conditions on the road what is the technology.

jual Stir Honda Brio Carbon dan Honda Jazz RS Carbon

that enables the car to adjust and manage such vastly different situations equipped with eight radar systems and three cameras the s500 intelligent drive Garner's endless information from the environment and processes this information in a split second in combination with maps and GPS information the research car knows it's a way around learning its environment is one thing a whole other is learning to make informed decisions take a four-way stop intersection, for example, the rule appears to be simply the first to stop is the first to go this is something the autonomous driving Mercedes-Benz has to learn as well and in case of any doubt to act defensively  

equipped with the right heart and software the research vehicle can more and more understand its environment and choose the correct maneuver for the situation knowing its way around is one thing learning new traffic conditions the other combining both will turn autonomous driving into reality step by step you augmented reality has come to your car now all you need to do is pull out your smartphone or tablet by opening the Hyundai virtual guide and pointing your device under the hood you can learn how to add coolant change your oil or even change your air filter inside it shows you what those warning lights are for or what those warning signs really mean it's loaded with lots of great how-to information and you don't have to be in the car to use it it works anywhere while Hyundai is not quite ready to ditch the owner's manual this is a glimpse of things to somewhere launching a Hyundai virtual guide first on the 2015 Sonata and you can pick it up now at your app storecard to ex-communication expands the horizons of previous onboard sensor systems by exchanging information with other vehicles and is,

therefore, able toward against impending dangers at an earlier stage than before with the help of this technology based on the cellular communications network information about potential dangers ahead can be exchanged between vehicles allowing a look around the corner or behind obstacles in the process the vehicle acts as both transmitter and receiver various critical situations are automatically detected by the vehicle and directly reported to the Mercedes-Benz cloud the driver can also send a warning manually the car 2x warning messages are shown directly on the navigation map certain advanced warnings are also communicated to the driver by voice output which is particularly useful where the course of the road is not clear traffic event ahead the automatically detected hazards include breakdowns accidents and reports of ice fog or heavy rain the cloud can also, be used to show information from other data providers, for example, mobile roadworks

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Beberapa waktu lalu, salah satu produsen mobil asal Korea Selatan, yaitu KIA kabarnya tengah melakukan uji coba pada mobil hatchback terbarunya, yakni KIA Rio. Menurut sumber yang ada, mobil ini diuji di medan jalan bersalju yang berlokasi di Semenanjung Skandinavia.

Bagi pecinta otomotif, sekuel film Fast and Furious bisa dibilang merupakan tontonan wajib. Film aksi yang melibatkan deretan mobil keren ini menyuguhkan tontonan luar biasa. Mobil-mobil yang digunakan di film Fast and Furious ini biasanya berstatus langka atau collector item.

eknologi penyaring udara terbaru pada mobil buatan Geely dikembangkan dalam kurun waktu 20 hari. Fitur dengan nama lengkap G-Clean Intelligent Air Purification System (IAPS), disebut mampu menghalangi partikel berbahaya di udara dalam kabin mobil.